Saturday, October 28, 2006

Barktoberfest 2006, Part I

Barktoberfest, the main fundraiser for The Humane Society, was held in Seville Square today. Below are some of Barrier Island Girl's awards for Best in Show:

Award: Best Pirate

"Whattaya mean there's no rum?"

Award: Best Pink Diva

"My beret matches my tongue, oui?"

Award: Scariest dog on the planet

{{{I'm not putting words in the mouth of any dog that looks like this! In fact, I may have nightmares about him for a while!}}}

Award: Best Party-Hearty'er

"I'm pooped."

Award: Most Precious

"I'm simply waiting for tea time, dear."

Award: Most Spoiled

"Mommy, you mean I have to learn to walk like them someday?"

Award: Best use of yellow yarn

"Ja, my name is Inga."

Award: Prettiest Pug

"I'm just here to observe."

Award: Hottest dog

"If one more dog tried to take a bit outta my bun...!"

Award: Best Double-Take

"Dahling, you're simply skin and bones!"

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