Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Southerly/northerly winds

Seventy-one degrees at 6:30 this morning and winds from the south...wait...from the northwest...now from the south! Ah well, it's a beautiful day.


campbell said...

Hate to tell you this, but it's going to be in the high 20's tonight, I have to get about $6 - $10,000 worth of dental work, having a problem with my gas furnace & it's cold and have to have several thousand dollars worth of work on the Jag.

Think I should get all the teeth pulled, sell the house and move South with my 70' MGB-GT.

Barrier Island Girl said...

HA! You crack me up, girl!

Sorry about the weather in Nashville {{{shiver}}}...and the dental work...and the furnace...and the jag! Yikes!

I think you need a vacation on Pensacola Beach at least!