Tuesday, March 14, 2006

National Wildlife 35th Annual Photography Contest

Your Barrier Island Girl blog master (that's me) has been suffering from a rather acute ear infection for the past week. Since we typically have windy conditions at any given time on Pensacola Beach, it seems prudent to stay indoors -- and out of the wind -- until I improve.

This forced hiatus has given me time to work on 2005 taxes which has, understandably, thrown me into a deep depression. But, I assure you, I will begin posting again on a regular basis as soon as I stop crying and my ear stops hurting.

On a more cheerful note, I was delighted to discover a friend of mine from Tennessee forwarded the winning photos from this year's National Wildlife's 35th Annual Photography Contest this morning. Since I'm unable to get out and about to provide you with photos of my usual jaunts around the island, I hope you will take an opportunity to click on the link and browse these great photos. They certainly give me something to aspire to in my old age!


Anonymous said...

The wildlife pictures were wonderful. Thanks for the link.
Feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

Incredible pictures DJ! Sorry you are not feeling well. Hope you are back out there taking your own pictures soon.

campbell said...

What a great way to use them! Really sorry to hear about the ear infection...a real downer! And, the taxes, j'comprende...have to go to the accountant at 10:30 tomorrow.

Have you read some of the comments I've been receiving on my Blog? People are hysterical sometimes.

breezwisher said...

Sorry to hear about your earaches..I know how you fill and it's not a good feeling either.I was wondering where you were.I thought you mightbe in them . good ole stomping grounds...If I did not live here .I 'd live in Tn...
But the sand is in my shoes to stay. here...Might as well stay..
Natives of this part of Florida are a dyin breedglad people like you and other great imported people are here (as you say) to stay..
I do hope you feel better soon.
Now about the taxes...we could stay there a while..I just wish I could keep at least a small portion of that money..
They want the small businessman to excell..but they will beat them to so bad with every tax loop the t can..
Anyway ..good to hear from you Get well and stay healthy...