Thursday, December 01, 2005

Nature beckoned

"Nature beckoned and I followed
Circumventing the perimeter of beaches and shorelines of snarled roots.
Down crevices and through channels
Sometimes swimming, other times wading
Looking and wandering, where I was being led
An opsrey cried to its mate
Its nest nestled above in the arms of an ancient mangrove
Littered below my feet algae, broken shells, coral and sponges
Overhead a crown pigeon rode the wind.
Now the currents picked up pulling me along.
As if to say, don't tarry here too long.
So much more to see, still undisturbed by man
So little time!
A nurse shark lurked nearby, in the roots, waiting and watching.
A searay raced by, starfish floated into my open hands
Below crabs danced and above gulls sailed
Then I knew! Nature beckoned me home
and I followed back to the Florida of my childhood!

-- Milancie Adams, 1993

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lou in denver said...

i can't stay away from this site!!
the photos are fabulous!
this one is so soft around the edges, as if being gently kissed by the softest, warmest breeze..