Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Good Morning, Sunshine!

I'm not going outside to take photos in these temps, but I looked out through a salty upstairs window and saw the beginning of a beautiful sunrise.


Bill Ford said...

Thank you. It's good to see you posting again. Cold? It's 12 degrees at 9:30 a.m. here in MA. Going down to 8 below tomorrow night.
Bill Ford
Shrewsbury, MA

Steve said...

Hi, remember me? Steve from Germany. I have been on a real Barrier Island these last ten days: Assateague, Va (the one with the famous wild ponies) though lodged in Chincoteague, as Assateague has no houses. I was often reminded of your posts - the beauty, the beauty, the beauty... and the extreme weather, for example. We went from 70+ to 40 F in 24 hours, but who am I telling this ;-) . Ice-cold storms. The sheer beauty of spring approaching, the pines turning green over brown marsh grass. Green plants on blue water mirroring blue sky. And here, of course, brown-pinto ponies, and white egrets, and blue herons, bald eagles and much more. The sheer beauty even my six-year old could understand, although he's here for the ponies, which we've got to see a ton of as well. This is really harsh, extreme climate, but this must be one of the most intense, most beautiful places to live. -- I'm not so much around as family and job take so much time, but keep up the good posting :-)


owais said...

Thanks for your nice post. :)

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