Sunday, September 09, 2012

Gate Crashers

Last week on my first patrol back after Hurricane Isaac, I arrived at the boundary of Pensacola Beach and Santa Rosa to discover someone had crashed through the padlocked metal gate which closed the road to through traffic.  The road was closed during Hurricane Isaac and remains closed due to the storm damage (road collapse in areas).   

I called Dispatch, which had not been made aware of an accident.

The debris field was scattered for about 100 feet inside the Park.

It was dark, more than an hour before sunrise, but considering the impact I got out (I couldn't believe the vehicle was able to drive away!) and walked down toward the beach and then toward the dunes to see if the it landed nearby or if someone was hurt .

I found nothing, but considering the way things looked, I thought the engine might be in the front seat.

Look back at the first photo and compare this one.  This is where the gates landed and the debris was on the other side of the white truck.  The vehicle must have been going at an excessive speed.

The metal arms of the gate are heavy.  I can't lift them very far by myself.

Somebody's got some 'splaining to do when they get home!  Actually, I can't believe they were able to drive that vehicle home or that they weren't seriously hurt!

Santa Rosa - Gulf Islands National Seashore

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