Sunday, August 19, 2012

Holey Moley!!!

I'm taking up a crusade!  Generally we don't have a windshield on our UTVs and we like it that way due to the decreased visibility they cause, but this Kawasaki "Mule" was called back into service for a few days last week when another vehicle broke down.  Look closely at the photo below.  Do you see anything ahead on the beach, other than raindrops on the windshield?   Me either, but I barely avoided a dangerous situation.

I stopped the UTV, turned around, came back and took a photo (above), then stepped out of the vehicle and took a second photo (below) under normal conditions.  See anything ahead now?  I can hardly see it even here, except that I've gotten pretty skilled at spotting these danger zones.

I walked forward to the spot ahead of me.  Now I think you can see the problem: a 3 ft. deep hole which would have swallowed my UTV.

Another photo with one of my stakes at the edge of the hole.  For a little perspective on how wide it is, look at my UTV tracks on the left side.

When we are scouting for turtle tracks and trying to keep an eye on a storm, you can see the extra danger these big holes that people dig on the beach can pose for us.   

The storm above occurred this morning, and the photo below is of another giant hole I skirted on the beach at Ft. Pickens.

I don't really understand the pleasure folks get from digging these enormous pits, but I don't mind as long as they fill them in when they leave.

For the safety of our nesting turtles, our tiny hatchlings, and all our sea turtle patrollers, please get the word out to people about the danger of leaving holes like these on our beach.

The life you save could be my own! :-)

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Sprocket said...

With the second pit photo, it's like someone tried to start a sand castle surrounded by a moat, but then gave up...