Wednesday, February 08, 2012


Dune sunflowers are blooming all over the island, teasing us with thoughts of warm summer days and bright turquoise water. 

"Merely looking at the world around us is immensely different from seeing it."

~~ Frederick Frank (1909 - 2006)


Novice Naturalist said...

We have daffodils up and abloom here in North Georgia!

Rockin the Rock Pile said...

Hello there! I stumbled on your blog last spring when I was dreaming of PCB! I grew up going every summer and wish that I could call it home everyday! Anyway, I love love love your pictures! Please post MORE often!!! Thank you for the window!

blondy said...

Coming back to heal...We loved this place..

Barrier Island Girl said...

So happy to hear you're coming back, Blondy. Rosemary would be happy, for this is indeed a healing place. Look forward to seeing you and the family at some point.