Monday, January 02, 2012

Kitesurfing in the New Year

Can you imagine a group of surfers sitting on the beach one gusty day, perhaps bemoaning choppy water which was not prime for longboards.  As they sat there mulling over the situation, some of them obviously figured out a way to combine surfing and paragliding, then threw in a little bit of gymnastics just to mess with us common folk.  In the end, they named it kitesurfing and set out to boggle the minds of those who watched from shore.

The strength, agility and grace of kitesurfers is amazing.  Just watching a newbie learning to control their kite on the beach will give you a glimpse of the upper and lower body strength it takes.  My shoulders would probably be dislocated in the first five minutes, or maybe someone would eventually locate me over in Apalachicola after I caught a few high gusts.

If you see their giant kites on the horizon one windy day on Pensacola Beach, take the opportunity to head their way and watch this intriguing water/wind performance.  You won't be disappointed.

To watch a few seconds of the man above in action, you may click HERE.


BaysideLife said...

I hope he wasn't doing this today. Brrrr

Foto Clipping said...

nice snap!!