Friday, June 10, 2011

King of the Sea

King Poseidon, a/k/a Morrie Drees is also the king of surfing!  Morrie just finished his last day of surf camp and gets a gold star from all his friends, plus all kinds of other goodies from Innerlight who sponsors a surf camp each week during the summer!  

Morrie puts the rest of us to shame when we think we can't do something because of our age.  He will turn 80 this year and has more stamina than those half his age!  Age is only a number!


Morrie said...

I love you DJ, but don't tell Carl.You are too kind. Morrie

Barrier Island Girl said...

Ha! Thanks, Mr. D. By the way, was Scott Page (Gulf Breeze News) out there before or after me today. He and I went out on the Military Fishing Expedition together and he's a great guy. I was hoping he'd come today, but sorry I missed him.

You're our hero!

BaysideLife said...

Cheers to Morrie. What an inspiration!

Loui♥ said...

Just awesome!
Not only a gorgeous photo..
but just an inspiration to all of us!
sounds like a wonderfully delightful fella/friend to know!!
warmest sandy hugs!!