Monday, January 17, 2011

Walk on the Sound

It was finally warm and sunny enough to take a long walk to Range Point and beyond yesterday. One of the rewards was seeing this curious young Great Blue Heron. These birds can be very skittish, but if they get accustomed to people -- especially fishermen who share their catch -- they can get rather bold at times.

As much as I delighted in its curiosity, bold is not always better for either party when it comes to wildlife.


Joy said...

so glad your back! looking forward to more of your beautiful pics!

Polly said...

DJ, glad to see you back online!

Connie, Orlando said...

I've missed your lovely photos. So glad you're back. I spent a Thanksgiving day many years ago alone at the beach in Titusville. I "felt someone" behind me and turned to see an amazing Great Blue about 4 feet away. I felt honored and always feel it will be a good day when I spot one gliding overhead.