Saturday, January 09, 2010

Shiver me timbers!

I'm sure most of my readers have figured out why I'm still not posting after the holidays. It's COLD!

In fact, it was 21 degrees here on the island this morning, with wind gusts around 25 mph (it was gusting up to 33 mph yesterday). That's the coldest morning we've had in this new year -- at least on my balcony! To add to the discomfort, the humidity in the house is 20% downstairs and 36% upstairs! We're definitely not use to that on the island!

In the meantime, however, I've been working on photos I took during a cruise from New Orleans to Cozumel over the New Year holiday. I decided not to mix photos I've taken on trips off island with those on our beautiful beach, so I have created a separate blog on which to post my travel photos in the future.

You may click HERE to visit my Jaunts & Journeys with DJ blog.


Angela said...

our wind chill makes it about four degrees today in texas.

what's going on!? we're used to being back into the 60s by now!

hope it warms up soon for us both.

love your photos from the cruise, too.

Beachlady said...

Next year for sure!! Great photos!

Megan said...

Hi there! Very cold on "my barrier island" on the central east coast. You're not kidding -- we're definitely not use to this kind of weather. I loved your sunrise pictures--didn't realize you could see the sunrise over the water in pensacola. Looking forward to enjoying more of your photography.

BaysideLife said...

Brutal isn't it. Check out my photos of ice, yes ICE, on the bay! Can't wait for those balmy temps to return.

Barrier Island Girl said...

You're right this is brutal weather for us all in the southeastern area. It was even 55 degrees in Cancun this morning! And Dr. Jeff Masters on Wunderground said it was warmer in Alaska and Greenland than Florida!

Megan, yes, we can see the sunrise over the water in Pensacola during the winter - and it moves back to rise over the north side of the island in the summer. Just the opposite for the moon. We have a beautiful moonrise over the Gulf of Mexico by May! Ahhhh...something warm to look forward to. :-)


Anonymous said...
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