Monday, December 10, 2007

Santa on the Boardwalk

Santa took a couple of hours out of his busy schedule to visit the Boardwalk yesterday afternoon and get Christmas lists of children who stopped by for a photo. This adorable little girl in her pretty Christmas dress wanted to stay by Santa while her mom shopped nearby. "I just want to hang-out with you," she said sweetly. Ahhhhhh...

Leaving the Boardwalk, she ran over for one last hug and Santa's paparazzi snapped this photo!


Anonymous said...

I don't see any photo here.
Merry Christmas!

Barrier Island Girl said...

How odd. Maybe there was a glitch (grinch) in the system ;-)

BTW, I checked out your blog and enjoyed the photos of your Pacific beach.

Merry Christmas to you, too, patrickdaniel!

Anonymous said...

Yeah it musta been! ;-)
I see the pics now.
I enjoy your photos! Some day I'd like to get back to FL...havn't seen my family there in 8 yrs.

Merry Christmas!