Saturday, November 03, 2007

Friday at the Festival

It almost takes three days of the Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival just to work your way through all the exhibits.

Luckily we are having spectacular weather for the event.

Hey, is that Kenny Chesney at the wheel?

Quiltin' away again...

Paradise Ain't Cheap!

I'm not a big fan of Bluegrass, but Delta Reign could change all that. I bought their CD, Delta Reign, and already have it loaded on my iPod. This group is located in the Mobile, Alabama area, so keep an eye out for their name at local venues.

Another excellent performer at the Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival yesterday was Dominic Gaudious. Unfortunately, Dominic does not live in this area, but you can check out his website and his very impressive bio. I'm not sure how to describe his sound. His website states that it is a blended sound of "Classical, Jazz, Flamenco, Rock, and World-Beat". I bought two of his CDs and wish now that I had bought the third one he had available.

The Great Gulf Coast Arts Festival is pulling in great performers. Take this opportunity to discover new talent or simply kick back and enjoy Seville Park with a wonderful line-up of musical entertainment this weekend.

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patty said...

D. J.,
Music for both these singers or groups are available on iTunes.