Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sandcastle at high tide

This sandcastle won't survive high tide, but it's nice to know we can start over tomorrow.

"Each day truly is a new day...if you faltered yesterday, you can start anew today. Your dreams are not over, just merely delayed. Embrace the moment, it can change your life."

~~Jennifer Avalon

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Anonymous said...

"Nov. 19, 1965

Dear David,

I am glad to have known you this year. Even though next year I may not be here, I will always remember you, and your smiles, and your, ? sense of humor, and your sneezes, in other words, JUST YOU!

Remember the 1st Sabbath I got with you at dinner and was almost kicked out of the dining room?

Be always sweet as you are.

Love, Debbie Pendergraph"

Now that was a blast from the past. David