Sunday, March 25, 2007

Save the Gamers; Save the World

When you think of Pensacola Beach, especially during Spring Break, most think of the 'Salt Life' and short boards. But this weekend at the Hilton Garden Inn there was one group -- Panhandle Gamers -- who were all about motherboards and gaming.

This group of gamers can disassemble/reassemble a computer to their own specifications with the ease of a preschooler connecting dots.

This focused teen may someday be one of the kids who pulls in a six-figure income. Oh yeah, it happens!

An impressive display. A glimpse inside this computer was more like a work of art. The kids have every right to be proud of their work.

Save the GAMERS! Save the WORLD! Okay, so I'm a fan of "Heroes", but someone attending this convention might just make a real difference in our lives someday.

Happiness is a group of gamers!

I'm all thumbs, but thinking about it, maybe I have a chance to be a gamer someday!

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Anonymous said...

I like your sense of beauty that even extends to this kind of beauty that is very different from landscape beauty. And, alas, your pictures capture this kind of beauty just as well.
All the best, Steve