Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Remnants of Ivan Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Hey barrierislandgirl: Have missed you on the forums since Dennis. Thought that I would im you today to see how you are doing and didn't find you there. I know you were so excited about moving to the beach. Hope that your condo made it and your plans haven't changed. cshells

Antone Koonce said...

are you serious?

Barrier Island Girl said...

Hey CShells,

I'm not sure which forums you're referring to -- PNJ? I stopped going there when the forums got so negative.

Okay, Antone, what did you mean, "are you serious"? :-) Did you mean that my plans had not changed? You're head on, brudda! But I have a house instead of condo now, just in case CShells had not picked up on that.

I LOVE living on the island.